Meet Our Team

Editor and Senior WriterBen Sher is a trailblazing PhD Candidate at Roosevelt University in Chicago, and has written numerous articles for ioatwork prior to becoming editor. An experienced teacher and tutor, he is passionate about helping bridge the gap between researchers and practitioners, and will neither confirm nor deny that “be the next Malcolm Gladwell” is on his bucket list. Trained in Organizational Behavior Management (OBM), which uses behavioral psychology principles to improve workplaces, his current research program is focused on fairness in personnel selection. Ben enjoys online speed chess, photography, and getting really frustrated over the Minnesota Vikings in his spare time. He has clearly defied expectations by his penchant for dispensing homemade baked goods, despite being told that he is “not the kind of guy who you’d think would bake cookies”.


Julia (Lia) Engelsted is currently in the I/O Psychology Masters program at George Mason University just outside of Washington, DC. Lia grew up near Worcester, MA spending her summers in Svendborg, Denmark. After majoring in Psychology at Colby College, she moved to DC to work as an IT consultant at IBM. Her research interests include technology and positive psychology based interventions in the workplace. Her hobbies include biking, tennis, playing golf, soccer, and volleyball, pub trivia, running obstacle races, crossword puzzles, and traveling to various countries to visit family and friends.


Winnie Jiang is currently pursuing her PhD in Organizational Behavior (OB) at Yale School of Management. She received her BA in psychology and economics from Agnes Scott College, a women’s liberal arts college in Atlanta, GA. Winnie’s research interests include but not limited to career development, meaning of work, work as calling, and job crafting. She enjoys the interdisciplinary nature of OB that allows her to draw connections between psychology, sociology, and management literature. In her free time, she will go out and interview people about their jobs, read social science books and biographies. You may also find her hiking in a local state park and trying out different restaurants in downtown New Haven.


Kevin Leung is a Lecturer of Organizational Behaviour at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto in Canada. He completed his Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the University of Waterloo, where his research concerned team processes and leaders’ communication of visions for their organizations. Prior to Waterloo, he completed his undergraduate degree at Western University in London, Canada, where he was a research assistant and newsletter contributor at the TeamWork Lab led by Dr. Natalie Allen. Kevin’s previous consulting engagements include developing a multi-media teamwork training program and facilitating the development of a new organizational vision for a housing corporation. For leisure, he enjoys test-driving cars, viewing model homes, and angling for bass.


Andrew Morris is a MSc Student in Occupational Psychology at the University of Leicester in the UK.  Having lived and worked in both South Africa and South Korea- including the UK now- his primary interests revolve around the impact of culture on work engagement, team performance and test construction.  When Andrew has time he loves scuba diving, playing his guitar (albeit badly) and spending time with his wife (added in case she reads this but true nonetheless).


Alexandra (Alex) Rechlin, M.S. is a doctoral student in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Colorado State University (CSU). She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Music, and she received her Master of Science degree in I/O Psychology from CSU in 2009. Alex is primarily interested in training, learning, and development (including mentoring and leadership development), as well as assessment and selection. In her free time, Alex enjoys hiking and playing trumpet in a wide variety of local music groups.


Susan Rosengarten is a Masters student in the I/O Psychology program at NYU. Susan received her BA in Psychology and Business from Queens College, CUNY, where she served as a research assistant in the CUNY Graduate Center’s Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) lab. For the past year she’s been rockin’ to the tune of Warner Music Group’s HR department, assisting with organizational development, staffing, leadership development and succession planning. Her interests include personality, emotional intelligence and decision-making research. In her spare time you’ll find her with her running shoes on, jogging around the park or breaking a sweat at the gym.


Kayla Weaver is a graduate student at The Pennsylvania State University working toward her Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.  Her research interests include workplace diversity, discrimination, and occupational stereotypes. Though Kayla would love to be known for her research, she is better known to her friends and family as the crazy cat lady. She has two cats, Cooper and Daphne, who are likely the most spoiled kittens in the state of Pennsylvania. When she isn’t studying or writing I/O at Work articles, she enjoys gardening with her partner, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, and running long distances. Given her desire to take on entirely too much responsibility at one time, Kayla is training for her third marathon in Chicago this fall.