Talent Management – Book Announcement

Topic: Leadership, Strategic HR
Publication: Strategy-driven talent management: A leadership imperative
Authors: Rob Silzer, Ben E. Dowell (Editors)Strategy-Driven Talent
Management: A Leadership Imperative Effective

Talent management can have a profound impact on organizational success. Therefore, the ability to identify, develop, and manage talent is key to the healthy functioning of any organization. Rob Silzer and Ben Dowell offer a comprehensive guide to the talent management process that could prove to be valuable tool for human resource practitioners and industrial-organizational psychologists alike.

Silzer & Dowell’s recently published book, Strategy-Driven Talent Management: A Leadership Imperative aims to illuminate the various aspects of the ongoing talent management process. A compilation of current organizational procedures, a list of critical issues, and a collection of organizational case examples come together to create a framework of best practices. And the annotated bibliography is a very nice touch!

The table of contents has been reproduced below:

Part 1 General Frameworks.

Chapter 1: Strategic Talent Management Matters
Rob Silzer, Ben E. Dowell

Chapter 2: Building Competitive Advantage through Integrated Talent Management
Marcia J. Avedon, Gillian Scholes

Part 2 Key Practices.

Chapter 3: Building The Talent Pipeline: Attracting and Recruiting the Best and Brightest
Leslie W. Joyce

Chapter 4: Ropes to Skip and the Ropes to Know: Facilitating Executive Onboarding
Seymour Adler, Lorraine Stomski

Chapter 5: Identifying and Assessing High-Potential Talent: Current Organizational Practices
Rob Silzer, Allan H. Church

Chapter 6: Developing Leadership Talent: Delivering on the Promise of Structured Programs
Jay A. Conger

Chapter 7: Developing Leadership Talent through Experiences
Paul R. Yost, Mary Mannion Plunkett

Chapter 8: Changing Behavior One Leader at a Time
Sandra L. Davis, Robert C. Barnett

Chapter 9: Managing Leadership Talent Pools
Ben E. Dowell

Chapter 10: Employee Engagement: A Focus on Leaders
Jeff Schippmann

Part 3 Critical Issues.

Chapter 11: Building Functional Competence to Enhance Organizational Capability
Suzan McDaniel, Erika D’Egidio

Chapter 12: Managing and Measuring the Talent Management Function
John C. Scott, Steven G. Rogelberg, Brent W. Mattson

Chapter 13: Managing Talent in Global Organizations
Thomas Ruddy, Pooja Anand

Chapter 14: Managing Talent in China
Elizabeth Weldon

Part 4 Different Perspectives.

Chapter 15: Take the Pepsi Challenge: Talent Development at PepsiCo
Allan H. Church, Janine Waclawski

Chapter 16: Integrated Talent Management at Microsoft
Paul R. Yost

Chapter 17: They Can Do It! – You Can Help! A Look at Talent Practices at The Home Depot
Leslie W. Joyce

Chapter 18: Allstate’s “Good Hands” Approach to Talent Management: An Interview with Ed Liddy and Joan Crockett
John W. Boudreau

Chapter 19: A View from the Top on Talent Management: An Interview with Warren Staley, Recently Retired CEO of Cargill Incorporated
Sandra L. Davis

Chapter 20: Chief Human Resource Officer Perspectives on Talent Management
Marcia J. Avedon, Stephen Cerrone, Mirian Graddick-Weir, Rob Silzer

Part 5 Future Directions for Practice and Research.

Chapter 21: Building Sustainable Talent through Talent Management: Benefits, Challenges, and Future Directions
Rob Silzer, Ben E. Dowell

Chapter 22: Critical Research Issues in Talent Management
Rob Silzer

Chapter 23: Talent Management: An Annotated Bibliography
Rob Silzer, Joshua B. Fyman

Silzer, R., & Dowell, B. E. (Eds.).
(2010). Strategy- driven talent management: A leadership imperative. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.