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Why LMX Works: Some Reasons Why High-Quality Relationships Are So Important

Topic: Citizenship Behavior, Leadership Publication: Personnel Psychology (Autumn 2011) Article: How Leader–Member Exchange Influences Effective Work Behaviors: Social Exchange and Internal–External Efficacy Perspectives Authors: Walumbwa, F. O., Cropanzano, R., & Goldman, B. M. Reviewed By: Thaddeus Rada Leader-member exchange (LMX) theory has been an influential leadership theory for many years.

How Leaders Sharing Organizational Values Boosts Team Performance

Topic: Leadership, Teams, I/O Psychology Publication: Academy of Management Journal Article: Person-Organization Value Congruence: How Transformational Leaders Influence Work Group Effectiveness Authors: Hoffman, B.J., Bynum, B.H., Piccolo, R.F., & Sutton, A.W. Reviewer: Neil Morelli Why is it that some leaders or managers are adept at “rallying the troops” while some

They Make How Much!? Why History Matters with CEO Pay

Topic: Leadership, Compensation Publication: Academy of Management Journal Article: Do CEOs Encounter Within-Tenure Settling Up? A Multiperiod Perspective on Executive Pay and Dismissal Authors: Wowak, A.J., Hambrick, D.C., & Henderson, A.D. Reviewer: Neil Morelli Past studies have found a significant yet modest relationship between CEO pay and performance. In an

Trust in the leader is important for team performance

Topic: Leadership, Teams Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (JUL 2011) Article: Cognition-based and affect-based trust as mediators of leader behavior influences on team performance Authors: Schaubroeck, J., Lam, S. S. K., & Peng, A. C. Reviewed by: Alexandra Rechlin Little research has explored the role that trust in the leader

Want CEO Success? Then Focus on Task and Performance

Topic: Leadership, Organizational Performance
Publication: The Leadership Quarterly (FEB 2011)
Article: CEO leadership behaviors, organizational performance, and employee’s attitudes
Authors: Hui Wang, Anne S. Tsui, & Katherine R. Xin
Reviewed by: Chelsea Rowe

“Think Manager-Think Male” versus “Think Crisis-Think Female”

Topic: Leadership, Gender
Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (December 2010)
Article: Think Crisis–Think Female: The Glass Cliff and Contextual Variation in the Think Manager–Think Male Stereotype
Authors: Michelle K. Ryan, S. Alexander Haslam, Mette D. Hersby, and Renata Bongiorno
Reviewed By: Kerrin George

Think Positive: Positive Leaders Emit Positive Results

Topic: Leadership
Publication: Personnel Psychology (63)
Article: An investigation of the relationships among leader and follower psychological capital, service climate, and job performance
Authors: F. O. Walumbwa, S. J., Peterson, B. J. Avolio, C. A. Hartnell
Reviewed By: Lauren Wood

Do Stronger Ties with Peers & Bosses Mean Stronger Relationships with Subordinates? Suprisingly Yes!

Topics: Leadership; Job Attitudes; Employee Satisfaction; Employee Turnover  Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology, Volume 95(6), November 2010, pp. 1071-1084. Article: Well-connected Leaders: The Impact of Leaders’ Social Network Ties on LMX and Members’ Work Attitudes Authors: V. Venkataramani; S.G. Green and D.J. Schleicher Reviewed by: Mary Alice Crowe-Taylor Leaders have upward ties