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How Downsizing Can Damage Your Rep

Topic: Change Management, Off The Wall Publication: The Academy of Management Journal Article: Character, conformity, or the bottom line? How and why downsizing affected corporate reputation. Author: E.G. Love, M. Kraatz Featured by: Benjamin Granger In a recent study, Love and Kraatz (2009) attempted to identify how corporate downsizing might affect a firm’s reputation Prior to presenting the results of their study, Love

Putting Your Prettiest Foot Forward: The Role of Attractiveness in Selection

Topic: Assessment, Staffing Publication:  International Journal of Selection and Assessment Article: Beauty revisited: The impact of attractiveness, ability, and personality in the assessment of employment suitability. Author: M.J. Tews, K. Stafford, J. Zhu Featured by:  Benjamin Granger Like it or not, physical attractiveness plays a role in determining certain workplace outcomes. For example, physically attractive employees (1) are often perceived to be higher

Investors…and press releases?

Topic: Hodge-Podge Publication: Journal of Business Communication Article:  Are investors influenced by how earnings press releases are written? Blogger: Rob Stilson This article investigates whether investors are influenced by how an earnings press release is written. FYI: Earnings press releases are voluntary but still serve to inform investors on the current