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Honk if you Perceive Injustice!

Topic: Organizational Justice Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology Article: Third party support for strike action. Blogger: Rob Stilson Strikes have been assessed from the point of view of the two parties involved, but rarely if ever has a third-party perspective been considered.  In this article which contains two studies, Kelloway, Francis, Catano, and

C’mon, you can trust me!

Topic: Organizational Justice, Job Performance, Trust Publication: Journal of Management Article: The Relationship between being perceived as trustworthy and performance Blogger: Larry Martinez OK, so most of the research done on trustworthiness in the workplace has focused on whether or not you think that your coworkers and leaders are trustworthy and the

Fostering Fairness in the Workplace: Why it’s so worth it!

Topic: Citizenship Behavior, Organizational Justice Publication: Journal of Organizational Behavior Article: Meta-analytic tests of relationships between organizational justice and citizenship behavior: Testing agent-system and shared-variance models. Blogger: Benjamin Granger Leaders are recognizing that organizations, employees, and customers benefit from non-required cooperative behaviors that go on in the workplace.  These behaviors are referred to as

Fairness Is In The Eye of The Beholder

Topic: Organizational Justice Publication: The Journal of Applied Psychology (2008) Article: Event justice perceptions and employees’ reactions: Perceptions of social entity justice as a moderator. Author: J. Choi Reviewed by: Katie O’Brien In a land of milk and honey, the copier would never break, we’d never have to work weekends, and