Diversity in the Board Room

Topic: Diversity, Organizational Performance
Publication: Journal of Management Studies (JUL 2009)
Article: Demographic Diversity in the Boardroom: Mediators of the Board Diversity–Firm Performance Relationship.
Authors: Miller, T. and Triana, M.
Reviewed By: Samantha Paustian-Underdahl

As more women and racial minorities are making strides in the boardroom, many businesses are beginning to consider the outcomes of board diversity on the financial performance of firms. Most academic research on board diversity has resulted in complex findings – with some researchers seeing a positive relationship between demographic board diversity and firm performance, while other researchers have seen a negative relationship or no relationship at all. Miller and Triana suggest that there are intervening or mediating factors – such as firm innovation and reputation – that need to be examined in order to gain a better understanding of these complex relationships.

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