Job Performance – The Value of an MBA Bay Be Bearish

Topic(s): job performance, potential
Publication: Academy of Management Learning & Education (2002)
Article: The end of business schools? 
Less success than meets the eye
Authors: Jeffrey Pfeffer & Christina T. Fong
Reviewed by: Scott Charles Sitrin

An MBA – unless it’s from a prestigious institution – does not appear to increase the chances of career success, according to research by Pfeffer of the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University and Fong of the University of Washington School of Business.

Through a review of the literature, it was found that an MBA was not consistently related to measures of career success, such as pay and promotions. Knowledge learned in a MBA program and the degree itself had little affect on career outcomes. Further, the impact of research generated by business schools on the practice of management is small. So, buyers beware.