Category: Training

Is What We Think We Know, What We Actually Know?

Topic: Assessment, Training
Publication: Academy of Management Learning & Education (JUN)
Article: Self-assessment of knowledge: A cognitive learning or affective measure?
Authors: T. Sitzmann, K.E. Ely, K.G. Brown and K.N. Bauer
Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger

Better Training Outcomes are just a Few Reminders Away

Topic: Training Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (JAN 2010) Article: Sometimes you need a reminder: The effects of prompting self-regulation on regulatory processes, learning and attrition. Authors: T. Sitzmann and K. Ely Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger Have you ever taken a training course and noticed your mind wandering?  Or have you

Exploratory Training For Everyone! Yes, Everyone!

Topic: Training Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology: An International Review (JAN 2010) Article: Active/Exploratory training promotes transfer even in learners with low motivation and cognitive ability Authors: N. Keith, T. Richter, and J. Naumann Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger Exploratory training refers to an instructional strategy that allows trainees to explore

Active learning (Is this your first time, Doctor?)

Topic: Training Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (SEP 2009) Article: Active learning: When is more better? The case of resident physicians’ medical errors. Authors: T. Katz-Navon, E. Nevah, and Z. Stern Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger Active learning refers to a broad spectrum of training strategies in which individual trainees are

Cha Cha Cha Changes…in Selection and Training

Topic: Performance, Selection, Training Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (JUL 2009) Article: Effects of selection and training on unit-level performance over time: A latent growth modeling approach   Authors: C. H. Van Iddekinge, C. H. Ferris, P. L. Perrewe, A. A. Perryman, F. R. Blass, & T. D. Heetderks Blogger:

Do happy trainees = learned trainees?

Topic: Training Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (JUL 2009) Article: Power to the people: Using learner control to improve trainee reactions and learning in web-based instructional environments   Authors: K. A. Orvis, S. L. Fisher, & M. E. Wasserman Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger Recently, some have argued trainee satisfaction IS important

Recommendations from Ten Years of Research on Training

Topic: Training Publication: Annual Review of Psychology (JAN 2009) Article: Benefits of training and development for individuals and teams, organizations and society. Authors: H. Aquinas, K. Kraiger Reviewed by: Benjamin Granger In a recent article published in the Annual Review of Psychology, Aguinis and Kraiger (2009) present a review of research

Faded Feedback – Just a Fad?

Topic: Feedback, Training Publication: Human Performance Article: Faded versus increasing feedback, task variability trajectories, and transfer of training. Author: J.S. Goodman, R.E. Wood Featured by: Benjamin Granger In training situations, immediate, specific, and frequent feedback to the learner is often prescribed  by the experts. However, there is evidence that this “high guidance” feedback may ultimately

How to Make an Active Learning Intervention Effective

Topic: Training Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology Article:  Active learning: Effects of core training design elements on self-regulatory processes, learning, and adaptability. Blogger: Benjamin Granger Current thinking about how employees should be trained has changed dramatically.  Instead of trainees being passive recipients of information, organizations are now employing active learning elements into their training programs. In a recent JAP article, Bell and Kozlowski (2008) took a closer