Workplace Blues: Employees feel stressed, underpaid, and unheard

Employees reported chronic work stress, low wages, insufficient opportunities for advancement, and workloads that interfere with family life.

Here are some findings from APA’s Well-Being Survey of 1,501 adults:

    • Employees feel stressed (35%)

-Further, 64% feel that their companies do not provide sufficient resources to cope with stress

    • Employees feel underpaid (46%)

-Also, 43% feel that their non-monetary recognitions are insufficient and that performance evaluations are unfair and useless (57%)

    • Employees feel unheard (47%)

-Not only do they feel that their input falls on deaf ears, but they also feel undervalued (49%)

    • Women have it worse than men

-Female employees feel more stressed (37% versus 33%) and underpaid (57% versus 52%)

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