Workplace Blues: Employees feel stressed, underpaid, and unheard

Topic(s): employee satisfaction, stress
Publication: American Psychological Association Press release (2013)
Article: APA Survey Finds US Employers Unresponsive to Employee Needs
Authors: American Psychological Association
Reviewed by: Scott Charles Sitrin

Employees reported chronic work stress, low wages, insufficient opportunities for advancement, and workloads that interfere with family life.

Here are some findings from APA’s Well-Being Survey of 1,501 adults:

    • Employees feel stressed (35%)

-Further, 64% feel that their companies do not provide sufficient resources to cope with stress

    • Employees feel underpaid (46%)

-Also, 43% feel that their non-monetary recognitions are insufficient and that performance evaluations are unfair and useless (57%)

    • Employees feel unheard (47%)

-Not only do they feel that their input falls on deaf ears, but they also feel undervalued (49%)

    • Women have it worse than men

-Female employees feel more stressed (37% versus 33%) and underpaid (57% versus 52%)

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