Meet Our Team

Staff Writers
Ben Sher is a proud native Minnesotan who has migrated south to balmy Chicago. He is thrilled to have joined Roosevelt University’s first cohort of I/O psychology PhD students after studying patiently for several years in their Master’s program. He is primarily interested in experimental research, especially regarding stereotypes during selection, and is currently researching the effects of height, weight, and disability on hiring decisions. He has trained in organizational behavior management (OBM), which uses behavioral psychology principles to solve workplace problems. His current adviser has accused him of being “such a behaviorist”. She’s probably right. In his spare time, Ben enjoys teaching and tutoring, nature and landscape photography, chess, Trivial Pursuit, and getting really frustrated over the Minnesota Vikings. He occasionally gets lost in Wikipedia for days at a time. If you happen to see Ben drop whatever he’s holding and sprint to the bookstore, it’s probably because there’s a new Malcolm Gladwell article in The New Yorker magazine. You should probably get out of his way.
Thaddeus Rada is currently a student in the I-O psychology doctoral program at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) in Ohio. Thaddeus received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Roosevelt University in Chicago, where he took an Introduction to I-O Psychology class and was first introduced to this fascinating field. He is primarily interested in the broad topic of personnel selection, including applicant reactions to the selection process, and the resistance of structured selection methods by managers and other organizational actors. Thaddeus is also interested in the application of judgment and decision making research to I-O psychology. In his spare time, Thaddeus enjoys visiting amusement parks throughout the country, particularly for the purpose of riding roller coasters, a longtime (unfortunately, seasonal) hobby of his.

Neil Morelli, M.S. is a doctoral student in I-O psychology at the University of Georgia. He is primarily interested in technology and talent management, decision-making, psychometrics, and organizational attitudes. Neil also works as an HR consultant with experience in job analysis, selection, assessment development, and litigation support. Neil holds a Master of Science degree in I-O psychology from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Kennesaw State University near Atlanta, Georgia. When not working as a consultant, researcher, or blogger, Neil enjoys playing ultimate frisbee and golf, reading history books, and watching movies. Follow him on Twitter @NeilMorelli.
Alexandra (Alex) Rechlin, M.S. is a doctoral student in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Colorado State University (CSU). She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Music, and she received her Master of Science degree in I/O Psychology from CSU in 2009. Alex is primarily interested in training, learning, and development (including mentoring and leadership development), as well as assessment and selection. In her free time, Alex enjoys hiking and playing trumpet in a wide variety of local music groups.
Scott Sitrin is a Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology, and his research focuses on talent identification and talent development for athletic organizations. Previously, he had the opportunity to provide research and consultant services to the University of California at Berkeley Intercollegiate Athletics Department, a Major League Baseball team, a Major League Soccer team, the University of California at San Francisco Medical Center, the University of California at Los Angeles School of Medicine, and the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center. He had the pleasure of working with NCAA Division I athletes, national champions, world champions, and Olympians. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California at Berkeley with a B.A. in Psychology and is currently pursuing my doctorate at The Wright Institute in Berkeley, California. He lives in San Francisco with his fiancé Garen and the cutest dog in the world, Pilot.

Contributing Writers
Nupur Deshpande, M.S. has a degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the Florida Institute of Technology.Guided by the singular goal of making people’s lives better by addressing work-related concerns, Nupur is attracted to Cross – Cultural , Diversity, Emotions and Global Leadership issues and their utilization and application in Training and Development programs. Nupur loves being in the spotlight presenting to audiences large and small while making an impact through her voice, personality and knowledge. Being a citizen of the world, she can easily wear several different gloves (she’s lived in Saudi Arabia, India and now the United States…and speaks Hindi, Marathi and French while working on her Spanish). Acutely aware of cultural nuances and norms, she is seeking opportunities to hold expatriate/ repatriate, cross-cultural sensitivity and, global leadership trainings. Her eventual goal is to graduate to the position of an Executive Coach where she combines her penchant for creative expression, organization and life management. Nupur has applied experience in both the ‘I’ and the ‘O’ sides of I/O Psychology such as Job Analysis, Test Creation and Validation, Personnel Selection on one hand while Organizational Change, Team Building and Emotions/Motivation on the other. She has worn several different hats – that of a client point of contact, team member, adjunct faculty, contracted assessor, organizational development intervention intern, intern program coordinator, HR Manager – and now is looking for a new one!

Susan Rosengarten is a Masters student in the I/O Psychology program at NYU. Susan received her BA in Psychology and Business from Queens College, CUNY, where she served as a research assistant in the CUNY Graduate Center’s Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) lab. For the past year she’s been rockin’ to the tune of Warner Music Group’s HR department, assisting with organizational development, staffing, leadership development and succession planning. Her interests include personality, emotional intelligence and decision-making research. In her spare time you’ll find her with her running shoes on, jogging around the park or breaking a sweat at the gym.

Liz Brashier is currently working on her PhD in I/O at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Liz’s research interests currently include emotional affect, the subjective work experience, mindwandering, and communication and satisfaction in sexual relationships. Also an avid musician, Liz plays and teaches the oboe and piano. When she’s not working on the site, Liz enjoys running, baking delicious pastries, and spending quality time with her cat, Jeaux. Liz joined the I/O at Work team in February 2010.

Support Team
Social Media Strategist/Web Administrator
Mary Gabbett serves as the Social Media Strategist/Web Administrator for I/O at Work. Mary Gabbett has 10 years working with organizational leaders using Five-Factor & Hogan-type assessments. She has used her expertise to provide management insights to VPs of Sales, Regional Business Directors and Business Owners in a wide range of organizations, including insurance companies, healthcare, retail, restaurants, technology, financial institutions and call centers. In 2010, Mary’s passion for ecotourism, wildlife conservation, and the preservation of indigenous cultures motivated her to co-found one of the largest independently owned online ecotourism magazines, Green Global Travel When Mary is not developing social media strategies, you can find her exploring the Peruvian Amazon or jumping in the Southern Ocean in Antarctica.

Social Media Intern
Charlotte Sarfati is currently an undergraduate student at the University of San Francisco, majoring in Nursing and minoring in Psychology, and is entrusted to a career in I/O Psychology. A bilingual speaker from the Philippines, she spent 7 of her childhood years in Malaysia. In her spare time, you’ll find Charlotte nestled in Alamo Square Park reading contemporary psychology books such as those authored by Malcolm Gladwell, Po Bronson, and Daniel H. Pink. She also considers Philip Zimbardo, Helen Fisher, and Robert Sapolsky as her idols. Lastly, she is an avid foodie who enjoys coffee shop explorations in San Francisco with the help of her trusted friend, Yelp.

Bret Love is a 20-year veteran journalist/editor whose clients have ranged from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and American Way to Destination Marriott and Rolling Stone. He’s passionate about ecotourism and adventure travel, and is the co-founder of Green Global Travel, Green Travel Reviews and EcoAdventure Media.

Social Media Intern
Alyssa Alden-Smith is majoring in Psychology as well as engaging in the extensive study of Art as an undergraduate at Williams College. She is particularly interested in Psychology as it pertains to decision making and group interaction. When not using her psychological background to promote effective communication by mentoring fellow students and working with faculty to develop user friendly webpages, Alyssa enjoys crafting. This Austin native can often be found crocheting imaginative (if ill-fitting) items to combat the Northeastern winter, assisting with the costume design of local productions, or simply immersed in the world of Pinterest.