Category: Creativity

Perceived similarities make it easier for newbies to adjust. But how?…

Topic: Diversity, Work Environment, Culture, Creativity
Publication: Journal of Vocational Behavior (April, 2011)
Article: Perceived similarity, proactive adjustment, and organizational socialization
Authors: J. D. Kammeyer-Mueller, B. A. Livingston, & H. Liau
Reviewed by: Charleen Maher

Creativity at Work…Through Increased Workplace Structure?

Topic: Creativity, Strategic HR, Stress
Publication: Human Resource Management (49)
Article: Does Structuring of Human Resource Management Process Enhance Employee Creativity? The Mediating Role of Psychological Availability
Authors: G. Binyamin, A. Carmeli
Reviewed By: Lauren A. Wood

Task Conflict, Team Creativity and…Goldilocks?

Topic: Conflict, Creativity
Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (AUG 2010)
Article: Task conflict and team creativity: A question of how much and when
Authors: Farh, J. L., Lee, C., & Farh, C. I.
Reviewed By: Bobby Bullock

Cheated Employees: Less Organizational Commitment and Less Creativity

Topic: Fairness, Organizational Commitment, Creativity
Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (July, 2010)
Article: Psychological Contract Breaches, Organizational Commitment, and Innovation-Related Behaviors: A Latent Growth Modeling Approach
Authors: T.W.H. Ng, D.C. Feldman, S.S.K. Lam
Reviewed By: Ben Sher

Hands-on practice increases creativity in teams

Topic: Creativity, Teams
Publication: Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes (MAR 2010)
Article: First, get your feet wet: The effects of learning from direct and indirect experience on team creativity
Authors: F. Gino, L. Argote, E. Miron-Spektor, G. Todorova
Reviewed By: Jared Ferrell

Brainwriting – a New Trend for Increased Innovation?

Topic: Creativity Publication: Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology (MAR 2009) Article: Better than brainstorming? Potential contextual boundary conditions to brainwriting for idea generation in organizations. Author: P. A. Heslin Reviewed By: Sarah Teague The generation of innovative ideas is essential to the success of modern organizations. In attempts to facilitate

Lead to inspire creativity and innovation. Gandhi did it – how hard can it be?

Topic: Creativity, Leadership Publication: Journal of Business Research (APR 2009) Article: Transformational leadership, creativity, and organizational innovation Authors: L. Gumusluolu, A.Llseve Reviewed by: Lit Digger Although Gandhi had passed away before the idea of transformational leadership was academically introduced by Burns in 1978, Gandhi’s life and work exemplified transformational leadership.  Transformational leaders:

Creativity by Committee

Topic: Creativity Publication: Academy of Management Journal (APR 2009) Article: A cross-level perspective on employee creativity: goal orientation, team learning behavior, and individual creativity Authors: G. Hirst, D. Van Kippenberg and J. Zhou Reviewed by: Katie Bachman In most cases, employee creativity is as much of a necessity for companies as

Searching for the Creative Employee

Topic: Creativity Publication: Academy of Management Journal (JUN 2009) Article: Interactive effects of growth need strength, work context, and job complexity on self-reported creative performance. Authors: C.E. Shalley, L.L. Gilson, T.C. Blum Reviewed by: Benjamin Granger A creative workforce can give an organization a unique competitive advantage over its “status quo”