Want to up your game? You’re more likely to with a little help from your friends.

Topic: Development, Sports Psychology
Publication: Journal of Sports Sciences (2007)
Article: Stressors, social support, and effects upon performance in golf
Authors: T. Rees, L. Hardy, & P. Freeman
Reviewed By: Scott Charles Sitrin

Does encouragement and other forms of social support affect the performance of athletes? Tim Rees, Lew Hardy, and Paul Freeman think so.  They hypothesized that social support would affect the performance of golfers.

In investigating this hypothesis, the researchers evaluated the stress, social support, and performance of 117 amateur golfers.  The results were in accordance with the researchers’ hypothesis.  Specifically, stress decreased performance while social support improved performance. These results suggest that social support positively affects the performance of golfers.

These findings seem to be applicable to the development of golfers, and possibly, athletes as a whole.  For instance, if a golfer is underperforming, a possible remedy could be increased social support from the athlete’s coach and manager.  If this intervention is a success, the athlete’s performance may improve.

Rees, T., Hardy, L., & Freeman, P. (2007). Stressors, social support, and effects upon performance in golf. Journal of Sports Sciences, 25(1), 33–42.

human resource management,organizational industrial psychology, organizational management