Category: Industrial organizational psychology

The Consequences of Fit Across Cultures

We know that the compatibility between an employee and their work environment is critical. Good fit tends to lead to better attitudes, improved job performance, and lower turnover. But in a global economy, it isn’t safe to assume that all cultures value fit and compatibility in the same ways. In fact, they don’t.

How do you spell success? G.R.I.T. (IO Psychology)

Topic: Selection, IO Psychology Publication: Social Psychological and Personality Science (2011) Article: Deliberate Practice Spells Success: Why Grittier Competitors Triumph at the National Spelling Bee. Authors: A.L. Duckworth, T.A. Kirby, E. Tsukayama, H. Berstein, & K. A. Anders Ericsson Reviewed By: Scott Charles Sitrin In 2011, the winning word at

Intelligence: What’s your mindset?

Topic: Development,human resource management Publication: Child Development (2007) Article: Implicit theories of intelligence predict achievement across an adolescent transition: A longitudinal study and an intervention Authors: L. S. Blackwell, K. H. Trzesniewski, & C. S. Dweck Reviewed By: Scott Charles Sitrin Let’s take a test. Please indicate your level of