Top 5 Most Popular Article Reviews – September 2015

I/O at Work’s Top 5 Most Popular Reviews for September 2015. Includes article reviews on Creating Proactive Employees, Diversity Training Methods, Distracting Technology, Developing Passion for Work and our #1 most popular review… [Read More]

The Future of Human Resources: Create Value

Is HR useful for anything? Well, of course we think it is or we probably wouldn’t have this website. Yet there always seem to be a few skeptics out there. So what does HR have to do to finally and fully be acknowledged as a strategic partner in organizational success? The key, says a new article, is in creating value for the organization. The future of HR may actually be brighter than its past. [Read More]

The Psychology of Unemployment: Can Personality Change?

Unemployment is a scary sounding word. In today’s economy it seems typical to be “between jobs” for an extended amount of time. Have you ever considered the psychological effects of being out of work? New research shows that extended unemployment can even change someone’s personality. [Read More]

The Role of HR as a Strategic Partner: Forming the G3

It’s no secret that HR leaders have struggled for some time to get a “seat at the table,” and to be seen as credible business partners. As the world becomes increasingly more complex, human capital continues to be one of the most often cited challenges facing the CEOs of today. A new article suggest that a different and more strategic role for the CHRO, or Chief Human Resources Officer, is necessary. [Read More]

Leader Decision Making: Balancing Company Needs Versus Employee Needs

Leaders are often met with paradoxes. Sometimes they must choose between the needs of the organization and the needs of their employees. But a recent study shows that it might not be necessary to choose just one side. How can Eastern cultural values help leaders please everyone? Can leaders really satisfy company needs as well as employee needs? [Read More]

Diversity Training: Are All Methods Equal?

The workforce is more diverse than it has ever been, with the number of female, racial or ethnic minority, and older employees continuously increasing. With the change in worker composition, organizations are becoming increasingly focused on diversity training. But, are all methods equal? A recent article shows that some methods may be more effective than others. [Read More]

When Does Job Security Affect Job Performance?

Job security has become a recurring theme after the economic downturn. It seems that nobody is completely immune to the threat of layoffs. Have you ever wondered what this does to the productivity and effectiveness of employees? What can employers do to make sure that their employees don’t become discouraged in the face of job insecurity, and instead maintain good job performance? [Read More]

The Recipe for Creating Proactive Employees

Good employees may do whatever is asked of them, but better employees don’t wait to be told: they assess the situation, take initiative, and make positive changes on their own. But where can we find these magical people? New research shows that certain types of people are more likely to be proactive, and there is also something employers can do to encourage proactive behavior in the workplace. [Read More]

Top 5 Most Popular Article Reviews – August 2015

I/O at Work’s Top 5 Most Popular Reviews for August 2015. Includes article reviews on Distracting Technology in the workplace, Teleworking, Developing Passion for Work, Inspiring Workplace Innovation and our #1 most popular review. [Read More]

Stigma-by-Association: How Follower Characteristics Influence Evaluation of Leaders

It can be difficult to evaluate leaders. Do we judge them based on their actions, the success of the individuals in the group, or the group outcomes? Or is there some other way that we determine their effectiveness? Shocking new research shows that people may evaluate leaders based on the racial makeup of the people they are leading. [Read More]