The Strange Story Behind Situational Judgment Tests: What Do They Really Measure?

Normally, job applicants are given questions and they must supply the answers. For example, “What kind of animal would you be?”, and the job applicant says, “Hairy fungus beetle.” However, new research shows that sometimes job applicants could know the answers if the questions aren’t even asked. But how is that possible? Read on to find out a potential weakness of situational judgment tests. [Read More]

Intelligence Testing in Selection: New Developments

Intelligence testing is one of the oldest I-O psychology topics, and we know that intelligence is really good at predicting workplace success. Still, intelligence tests are not a panacea toward improving the workforce. For example, lack of diversity can occur if there is an over-reliance on these tests. But researchers have been working to develop a “smarter” breed of intelligence test. How has new theory been contributing to advances in intelligence testing? [Read More]

Aging Workforce: Employees Who Are Healthy and in Control Stay Working

We have an aging workforce, and this presents a new set of challenges for I-O psychologists. For example, we need to learn more about what helps people decide between staying on the job or taking early retirement. Interestingly, a new study shows that personal resources, such as health and sense of control, may convince employees that they can still do their jobs. This can lead to fewer absences from work, less disability leave, and even delayed retirement. [Read More]

Unethical Employees May Have Been Socially-Ostracized at Work

Unethical employees can be a major problem at work, but not good old co-worker Steve; He’s usually a pretty decent guy. However, today Steve is faced with a moral dilemma: Should he steal Amy’s tasty turkey sandwich that is sitting unattended in the fridge? New research shows that because Steve was just excluded from an interesting lunch-time discussion, it might make him more likely to commit the crime. But why? [Read More]

Top 5 Most Popular Article Reviews – March 2015

I/O at Work’s Top 5 Most Popular Reviews for March 2015. Includes article reviews on using proctored internet-based selection tests, maintaining professional image while pregnant, how forgiveness can backfire in the workplace, ways leaders can harness the power of emotion and our #1 most popular review…. [Read More]

The Role of Storytelling in Effective Structured Job Interviews

Structured job interviews often include behavioral questions, where the applicant is supposed to talk about a time when he demonstrated a particular skill or ability. Storytelling is an important aspect of being able to answer these types of questions successfully. A new study explores the important role of storytelling in interviews and shows how to increase your likelihood of getting hired. [Read More]

Actions Speak Louder Than Words: How Hypocritical Leaders Affect Employee Turnover

We idealistically expect leaders to always do the right thing. Yet, some leaders fail to “walk the talk.” They might say one thing, and then do the exact opposite. Unfortunately, this kind of behavior can negatively affect employees and organizational effectiveness. A recent study examines what happens when leaders are perceived as hypocritical. The results should be concerning to many organizations. [Read More]

Caregivers in the Workplace: How to Improve Their Well-Being

Caregivers are people who assume responsibility for helping another person with daily living activities. But many caregivers are also full-time employees. With the increase of caregivers in the workforce, a new study shows how family and supervisor support can influence the mental health outcomes of these caregivers, and lead to improved well-being. [Read More]

How Forgiveness in the Workplace Can Harm Relationships

We all think of forgiveness as a way to improve relationships and remove tension from a situation. Recent studies have shown that this is not always the case. Offering forgiveness can actually prove detrimental to a working relationship. When is forgiveness productive and when can it backfire? [Read More]

What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Pregnancy In the Workplace

How does she do it all? It can be challenging for women to manage identities as both employees and mothers-to-be. Sometimes stereotypes associated with pregnancy can threaten careers and lead to negative consequences. So how can women maintain their professional image once they have disclosed their pregnancy to their employers and colleagues? New research shows which strategies work best. [Read More]