The Impact of Networking on Employee Turnover

We always hear about the importance of networking in building professional relationships. But are there circumstances when networking can actually be harmful to an organization? New research suggests that whom you are networking with may affect whether or not you voluntarily leave your job. [Read More]

Harnessing Job Stress to Build Personal Resilience

Think of the last time you were under intense time pressure at work. Now think about a time when you were unclear about a certain task that needed to get done. Although both of these situations cause stress, one situation may actually help build resilience. New research examines the relationship between different types of workplace stressors, resilience, and psychological strain. [Read More]

Top 5 Most Popular Article Reviews – February 2016

I/O at Work’s top 5 most popular reviews from February include topics such as Team Building, Personality, Fairness, Leadership, and Turnover. [Read More]

How Organizational Citizenship Behavior Can Be Good for You

What happens if you do more than your job calls for? On one hand, you might be helping your organization achieve success. But what does it do for you? Will you feel exhausted by taking on more than you are supposed to? Or could there be hidden psychological advantages in store for you? [Read More]

Do Serial Entrepreneurs Learn From Their Mistakes?

I’m an experienced entrepreneur looking to start a new business in a different industry. Am I more likely to achieve success in this new industry versus my current industry? And how can I overcome the challenges I might face if I try to start a new business in an unfamiliar industry? New research has possible answers to these common questions. [Read More]

Fairness During Recruitment Can Affect Job Offer Acceptance

Imagine you are a recruiter who has spent weeks or months trying to find the perfect candidate for a job. You finally select someone, give her an offer…and she rejects it. In order to prevent this situation, new research explores how perceptions of fairness affect whether or not a candidate accepts a job offer. [Read More]

The Pros and Cons of Being a Jerk at Work

Have you ever experienced a jerk at work? Have you read about famous business leaders known to be jerks? Does it seem that some jerks tend to get ahead, perhaps even becoming known for their innovation? New research explores whether being a jerk has distinct advantages in the business world. [Read More]

Discrimination Can Block Pathways into Organizations

Ambitious prospective doctoral students may contact professors and ask to meet them to discuss research and explore opportunities. Would professors respond differently to these requests based on students’ gender and race? How might this later affect students’ ability to gain entrance into a doctoral program? [Read More]

Stress in the Workplace Can Affect Our Social Networks

When you’re stressed out, you may find yourself relying on your friends for support. However, stress may be affecting the type of friends you choose to have. And to take it one step further, the type of friends you choose to have may also be affecting your future levels of stress. New research shows us what happens when stress is unleashed into social networks. [Read More]

Stereotypes and Employment Discrimination Against Cancer Survivors

Overcoming cancer is typically perceived as a life accomplishment. However, cancer survivors may also experience stereotyping and discrimination in the workplace as a result of their health status. Why does this happen, and what can organizations do about it? [Read More]