Further predictors of academic performance

Topic(s): potential
Publication: Perspectives on Psychological Science (2010)
Article: Study habits, skills, and attitudes: The third pillar supporting collegiate academic performance
Authors: Marcus Crede & Nathan R. Kuncel
Reviewed by: Scott Charles Sitrin

In addition to prior academic performance and scores on standardized admission tests, predictors of academic performance include study habits, study skills, study attitudes, and study motivation, according to a meta-analysis by psychologists Marcus Crede and Nathan Kuncel.

Study habits include the ability to manage time, and study attitudes refer to the use of sound study routines. Interest in academics falls under the umbrella term of study attitudes, and study motivation is both the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to engage in studying instead of some other activity. The analysis examined the construct and predictive validity of 10 study-skill constructs among over 70,000 college students.

Given the large amount of time and money people spend on education, it may be prudent to protect this investment by utilizing strategies and techniques that have previously shown to predict academic achievement.