About I/O at Work


You may be wondering what I/O at Work is all about. Here’s the answer:

Many consider Industrial/Organizational Psychology as the science behind Human Resources, Organizational Development, Organizational Effectiveness, and Organizational Behavior. I/O at Work helps to bridge the gap between I/O research and its application in the HR world (and beyond) by making it easier for practitioners to access and stay on top of recently published research. Instead of spending hours scanning multiple journals, we do much of the work for you. With this site and a few minutes a week, you can stay informed about new research by scrolling through new reviews posted each week. Or you can search reviews by topic or journal.

Our site also helps researchers stay on top of the latest research that falls outside their primary areas of interest. I/O at Work also provides a way for researchers to get their work out to a broader audience. In fact, I first came up with this idea in grad school while plugging away at articles and thinking to myself, “the people who could really use this information may never see it.” We realize that a review can never replace the academic article on which it is based which is why we encourage our readers to use the source link provided to access the article reference. After all, that’s where the really good stuff lives!

We do not review every article out there (yet!), but if there are articles you want to see on our site, let us know. We are very interested in your feedback. Please leave us a comment below to let us know what you think.

Thank you for visiting our site!

Alison Mallard, Ph.D.