Work With Us: Writing Opportunities

Writing Opportunities

Writing Opportunity for Journal Article Reviewers

I/O at Work helps to bridge the gap between I/O research and its practical application by publishing online reviews of important, relevant, and applicable research. Our site enables users to stay up-to-date on current research articles in a highly efficient way.

Writers are responsible for reading assigned journal articles and producing 500-700 word reviews that explain the content to a wide audience using non-technical language that is engaging and easy-to-understand.


  • Must be enrolled in or graduated from an Industrial/Organizational Psychology (or related field) graduate program.
  • Ability to understand academic journal articles, including sound understanding of research methodology and statistics.
  • Ability to write exceptionally well and consistently produce high-quality, mistake-free work.
  • Ability to write for a wide audience using simple, straightforward, accessible language. 
  • Ability to write a minimum of one review every three months.

Most people choose to write for I/O at Work for exposure, networking, and to help bridge the gap between research and practice, however, we do pay a small amount.

If you are interested in applying, write a brief note of intent and confirmation of meeting the above qualifications.  Also, please attach a short writing sample that explains any research findings to a wide audience of readers, i.e., not academic writing.

Our writing team is currently at capacity.  However, we will update this page when writing positons become available.  Please check back again soon!