Company Culture: Does Your Organization Measure Up?

Topic(s): work environment
Publication: Harvard Business Review
Article: Creating the Best Workplace on Earth
Authors: Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones
Reviewed by: Susan Rosengarten

Much like finding a great deal online or getting out of a speeding ticket, designing a company culture that enables employees to do their best work is more of an art than a science. Managing internal and external demands to ensure that your people strategy aligns with your business strategy is not easy, and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach that guarantees success.

However, Goffee and Jones (2013) provide some guidance for those looking to create and foster a work environment where employees do more than just achieve their given targets: they push the envelope, demonstrate thought leadership, exceed expectations, and thrive.

Follow the suggestions below to unleash the power of your workforce and make the most of your human capital resources!

  1. Let people be themselves: encourage individuality and diversity of thought.
  2. Unleash the flow of information: upward, downward and lateral communication is key!
  3. Magnify people’s strengths: help employees grow and strive towards continuous improvement.
  4. Stand for more than shareholder value: show your colleagues how their work contributes to the greater good rather than just the company’s bottom line.
  5. Show how the daily work makes sense: align employees’ interests with their assigned tasks. Give them the freedom and autonomy to decide how and when to get things done.
  6. Have rules people can believe: don’t make people adhere to silly restrictions or follow ridiculous rules.

Hit these six points and you’ll be one step closer to creating what Goffee and Jones call ‘the best workplace on earth!’