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Does a Job Furlough Affect Performance?

We all have limited amount of stress and pressure we can take. Many studies have established the strain resulting from the threat to employees’ resources that layoffs or possible income losses represent. However, how do employees handle stress when a job furlough is what’s on the table, or when an employee has, in fact, been furloughed?

The Unemployment Blues may be More Serious than You Think!

Topic: Unemployment, Wellness Publication: Journal of Vocational Behavior Article: Unemployment impairs mental health: Meta-analyses. Author: K.I. Paul, K. Moser Featured by: Benjamin Granger Does unemployment CAUSE poor mental health? After all, isn’t it possible that poor mental health can cause unemployment? Seriously, what employer wants to hire a distressed, anxious, depressed employee with low self-esteem? In an attempt to arrive at a firm conclusion about whether unemployment