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Internet-based Data Collection: Just Do It Already!

Topic: Measurement, Statistics Publication: Computers in Human Behavior Article: From paper to pixels: A comparison of paper and computer formats in psychological assessment. Author: M.J. Naus, L.M. Phillipp, M.Samsi Featured by: Benjamin Granger Although many organizations have jumped onto the internet-data collection bandwagon, several issues still need to be addressed. For example, are paper-pencil and internet-based

Is interrater correlation really a proper measurement of reliability?

Topic: Measurement, Research Methodology, Statistics Publication: Human Performance Article: Exploring the relationship between interrater correlations and validity of peer ratings Blogger: Rob Stilson Interrater reliability (still with me?, Ok good) is often used as the main reliability estimate for the correction of validity coefficients when the criterion is job performance. Issues arise with this practice when one considers that the errors present between raters may not