Day: June 17, 2009

Situational Judgment Tests and the Impact of Elaboration

Topic: Assessment, Selection Publication: International Journal of Selection and Assessment Article: Impact of elaboration on responding to situational judgment test items. Author: F. Lievens, H. Peeters Featured by: Benjamin Granger Several questions can and should be asked of the tools organizations use for employee selection.  For example, does the specific tool create adverse impact? Does it really

Toward an Understanding of the Influences on HR Policies of Multinational Firms

Topic: Strategic HR Publication: British Journal of Management Article: Similarity, isomorphism or duality? Recent survey evidence on human resource management policies of multinational corporations. Author: C. Brewster, G. Wood, M. Brookes Featured by: Benjamin Granger Since multinational organizations are becoming more and more common, numerous researchers have set out to understand how multinational corporations set up organization-wide policies.

Internet-based Data Collection: Just Do It Already!

Topic: Measurement, Statistics Publication: Computers in Human Behavior Article: From paper to pixels: A comparison of paper and computer formats in psychological assessment. Author: M.J. Naus, L.M. Phillipp, M.Samsi Featured by: Benjamin Granger Although many organizations have jumped onto the internet-data collection bandwagon, several issues still need to be addressed. For example, are paper-pencil and internet-based

Who Makes the Most out of Mentoring?

Topic: Mentoring, Personality Publication:  Journal of Vocational BehaviorArticle: The role of personality in relationship closeness,developer assistance, and career success. Blogger: Benjamin Granger Not surprisingly, employees who develop strong ties with their mentors tend to gain more job knowledge, have greater access to important information, and gain more overall career assistance. Sounds simple right? Unfortunately, it’s not!

What Practitioners Need to Know about Personality Testing

Topic: Assessment, Personality, Selection Publication: Industrial and Organizational Psychology Article: Personality testing and Industrial Organizational Psychology: A productive exchange and some future directions. Blogger: Benjamin Granger In an overview of the current state of personality testing in organizations, Oswald and Hough (2008)  take on several perspectives and present some important ideas for research and practice in the

A limp handshake = no follow up calls

Topic: Assessment, Personality Publication:  Journal of Applied Psychology Article: Exploring the Handshake in Employment Interviews. Blogger: Rob Stilson Stewart, Dustin, Barrick, & Darnold (2008) looked at the relationship between a person’s handshake  and the outcomes of an interview. They also looked at what information is conveyed with a handshake.  They were mainly concerned with what a person’s

AC/DC (Assessment Centers Do Count!)

Topic: Assessment Publication:  Journal of Applied Psychology Article: Further Evidence for the Validity of Assessment Center Dimensions: A Meta-Analysis of the Incremental Criterion-Related Validity of Dimension Ratings Blogger: Rob Stilson Here I go again with a psychometrically heavy article, but I encourage you to stick it out with me as I guide you through the statistical minefield because there are some applicable findings at the end. First, a little bit of history. Assessment Centers (ACs) are