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Part Time Workers

Topic: Work-Life Balance Publication: British Journal of Management (JUN 2009) Article: ‘Full time is a given here’: Part-time versus full-time job quality Authors: McDonald, P., Bradley, L., & Brown, K. Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger More and more, employees are utilizing alternative work arrangements (flextime, flexplace) and part-time employment is increasing.

Home Sweet Home…At Work?

Topic: Work-Life Balance Publication: British Journal of Management Article: Location, location, location: Does place of work really matter? Author: T. Redman, E. Snape, C. Ashurst Featured By: Benjamin Granger Flexplace refers to an organizational policy that allows employees to work from a physical location other than the actual workplace (Wouldn’t it be nice!). Many employees who utilize this option work from home and much research has been directed at uncovering the benefits and pitfalls of working from

Toward an Understanding of the Influences on HR Policies of Multinational Firms

Topic: Strategic HR Publication: British Journal of Management Article: Similarity, isomorphism or duality? Recent survey evidence on human resource management policies of multinational corporations. Author: C. Brewster, G. Wood, M. Brookes Featured by: Benjamin Granger Since multinational organizations are becoming more and more common, numerous researchers have set out to understand how multinational corporations set up organization-wide policies.