Category: Work-Life Balance

The Overwhelming Effect of Job Demands on Spillover

Topic: Stress, Work-Life Balance
Publication: Journal of Vocational Behavior (JUN 2010)
Article: The costs of today’s jobs: Job characteristics and organizational supports as antecedents of negative spillover
Authors: A.R. Grotto and K.S. Lyness
Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger

The Organizational Benefits of Work Life Balance

Topic: Work-Life Balance Publication: Business Horizons Article: Embracing the whole individual: Advantages of a dual-centric perspective of work and life Authors: Bourne, K.A., Wilson, F., Lester, S.W., & Kickul, J. Reviewed By: Samantha Paustian-Underdahl Researchers have found that 95% of employees rate their lives outside of work as equally or more

Part Time Workers

Topic: Work-Life Balance Publication: British Journal of Management (JUN 2009) Article: ‘Full time is a given here’: Part-time versus full-time job quality Authors: McDonald, P., Bradley, L., & Brown, K. Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger More and more, employees are utilizing alternative work arrangements (flextime, flexplace) and part-time employment is increasing.

Home Sweet Home…At Work?

Topic: Work-Life Balance Publication: British Journal of Management Article: Location, location, location: Does place of work really matter? Author: T. Redman, E. Snape, C. Ashurst Featured By: Benjamin Granger Flexplace refers to an organizational policy that allows employees to work from a physical location other than the actual workplace (Wouldn’t it be nice!). Many employees who utilize this option work from home and much research has been directed at uncovering the benefits and pitfalls of working from

Which Way at the Intersection of Work and Home?

Topic:  Strategic HR, Work-Life Balance Publication: Research and Practice in Human Resource Management Article:Satisfaction and Perceived Productivity when Professionals Work From Home. Blogger: Sarah Bowen Working from home (WFH) is a clear alternative to the 9-to-5 lifestyle, but what conditions are necessary in order to achieve both satisfaction and productivity when working from home?

Parents More Likely to Get By With a Little Help from…

Topic: Strategic HR, Work-Life Balance Publication: Research and Practice in Human Resource Management Article: The Influence of Support at Work and Home on Work Family Conflict: Does Gender Make a Difference? Blogger: Sarah Bowen A recent study study observed levels of managerial and spousal support in relation to Work-Family  Conflict (WFC). A sample of 185 married Malaysian, Chinese and Indian accountants that had at least one child were surveyed through mailed questionnaires. Gender was specifically examined in order to distinguish the varying roles

Work-Family Conflict: White vs Blue Collar

Topic: Work-Life Balance Publication: Journal of Organizational and Occupational Psychology Article: The roles of context and everyday experience in understanding work-non work relationships: A qualitative diary study of white- and blue-collar workers. Blogger: Rob Stilson This study focused on work-family conflict as observed in two organizations, one that encouraged work-family integration (Organization I) and one

Work and Family Dinner Conflict: A New but Important Flavor

Topic: Work-life Balance Publication: Journal of Vocational Behavior Article: Workplace factors associated with family dinner behaviors. Blogger: Benjamin Granger It’s well-known that employees’ family and work roles often collide (and sometimes it ain’t pretty!). But researchers have only just begun to scratch the large surface that is work and family conflict. So let’s

Rest, Relax and Be Merry…At Work!

Topic: Stress, Work-Life Balance Publication: Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology Article: Staying vigorous until work is over: The role of trait vigor, day-specific work experiences and recovery. Blogger: Benjamin Granger After a long hard day of work, many of us get back home only to do more work!  After all that,

Just Having Work-Life Policies in Place Does Not Mean They are Working

Topic: Work-Life Balance Publication: Human Resource Management Article: Work-life policy implementation: Breaking down or creating barriers to inclusiveness?  Blogger: Rob Stilson Many companies now have some sort of work-life policies on the books (flex-time, telework, leaves of absence, etc.).  However, research findings indicate that these policies may either have no effect or even a