Day: October 25, 2009

Part Time Workers

Topic: Work-Life Balance Publication: British Journal of Management (JUN 2009) Article: ‘Full time is a given here’: Part-time versus full-time job quality Authors: McDonald, P., Bradley, L., & Brown, K. Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger More and more, employees are utilizing alternative work arrangements (flextime, flexplace) and part-time employment is increasing.

Everything You Need to Know about Situational Judgement Tests

Topic: Assessment, Staffing Publication: Human Resource Management Review (SEP 2009) Article: Situational judgment tests: An overview of current research Authors: Whetzel, D. L., & McDaniel, M.A. Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs): you may have heard of them, may have used them, may have taken them, and may

How Can You Be So Rude!?

Topic: Job Performance, Work Environment, Culture Publication: Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes (MAY 2009) Article: Overlooked but not untouched: How rudeness reduces onlookers’ on routine and creative tasks Authors: Porath, C. L. and Erez, A. Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger Now here’s a topic that might make you ball your