Category: Selection

Test Bias Analysis: New Thoughts on an Old Method

Topic: Test Bias, Selection
Publication: Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice
Article: Not Seeing Clearly With Cleary: What Test Bias Analyses Do and Do Not Tell Us
Authors: A.W. Meade and S. Tonidandel
Selected commentary authors: P.R. Sackett and P. Bobko
Reviewed By: Samantha Paustian-Underdahl

Explanations Can Leave a Sweet Taste in Job Applicants’ Mouths

Topic: Organizational Justice, Selection Publication: International Journal of Selection and Assessment (DEC 2009) Article: Effects of explanations on applicant reactions: A meta-analytic review Authors: D.M. Truxillo, T.E. Bodner, M. Bertolino, T.N. Bauer, and C.A. Yonce Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger Oftentimes, job applicants run a gauntlet of various selection tests, assessments, and

Cha Cha Cha Changes…in Selection and Training

Topic: Performance, Selection, Training Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (JUL 2009) Article: Effects of selection and training on unit-level performance over time: A latent growth modeling approach   Authors: C. H. Van Iddekinge, C. H. Ferris, P. L. Perrewe, A. A. Perryman, F. R. Blass, & T. D. Heetderks Blogger:

Tell Us what You Really Think…About Letters of Recommendation

Topic: Assessment, Selection Publication: International Journal of Selection and Assessment Article: Letters of recommendation: Controversy and consensus from expert perspectives. Author: J.M. Nicklin, S.G. Roch Featured by: Benjamin Granger Despite the widespread use of letters of recommendation (LORs), there is some evidence in the research  literature that LORs are unreliable and invalid for selecting employees. In an attempt to develop some 

Situational Judgment Tests and the Impact of Elaboration

Topic: Assessment, Selection Publication: International Journal of Selection and Assessment Article: Impact of elaboration on responding to situational judgment test items. Author: F. Lievens, H. Peeters Featured by: Benjamin Granger Several questions can and should be asked of the tools organizations use for employee selection.  For example, does the specific tool create adverse impact? Does it really

What Practitioners Need to Know about Personality Testing

Topic: Assessment, Personality, Selection Publication: Industrial and Organizational Psychology Article: Personality testing and Industrial Organizational Psychology: A productive exchange and some future directions. Blogger: Benjamin Granger In an overview of the current state of personality testing in organizations, Oswald and Hough (2008)  take on several perspectives and present some important ideas for research and practice in the

The Intuition Strikes Back

Topic: Assessment, Selection, Staffing Publication: Industrial and Org. Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice Article:  Stubborn reliance on human nature in employee selection: statistical decision aids are evolutionarily novel. Blogger: Benjamin Granger In a previous blog titled “Intuition vs. Science: The Battle Rages On!”, I wrote on Highhouse’s (2008) article which called attention to the disparity between

Intuition vs. Science: The Battle Rages On!

Topic: Assessment, Selection, Staffing Publication: Industrial and Org. Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice Article: Stubborn reliance on intuition and subjectivity in employee selection. Blogger: Benjamin Granger How do typical organizations make hiring decisions? More specifically, do employers tend to prefer selection decision aids supported by research, or do they tend to prefer the use

What’s the Big Deal with Emotional Intelligence Tests?

Topic: Emotional Intelligence, Selection Publication: Journal of Organizational Behavior Article: Faking emotional intelligence: Comparing response distortion on ability and trait based EI measures. Authors: A.L. Day, S.A. Carroll Reviewed by: Benjamin Granger Many believe that job applicants can fake personality tests. And we know that in some cases (e.g., unproctored, online) cheating on ability

When the Cat’s Away the Mice Will Cheat. Unless…

Topic: Assessment, Selection Publication: International Journal of Selection and Assessment Article: Two step testing in employee selection: Is score inflation a problem? Blogger: Benjamin Granger Many organizations are moving from traditional proctored selection tests to unproctored web-based tests.  Why? Among other advantages, unproctored web-based selection tests are often cheaper (no need