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Want more Bang For Your Training Buck? Then make sure your employees feel supported.

Topic: Training
Publication: International Journal of Selection and Assessment (JUN 2010)
Article: Social support in the workplace and training transfer: a longitudinal analysis
Authors: D.S. Chiaburu, K. Van Dam, & H.M. Hutchins,
Reviewed By: Jared Ferrell

Is What We Think We Know, What We Actually Know?

Topic: Assessment, Training
Publication: Academy of Management Learning & Education (JUN)
Article: Self-assessment of knowledge: A cognitive learning or affective measure?
Authors: T. Sitzmann, K.E. Ely, K.G. Brown and K.N. Bauer
Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger

Better Training Outcomes are just a Few Reminders Away

Topic: Training Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (JAN 2010) Article: Sometimes you need a reminder: The effects of prompting self-regulation on regulatory processes, learning and attrition. Authors: T. Sitzmann and K. Ely Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger Have you ever taken a training course and noticed your mind wandering?  Or have you

Exploratory Training For Everyone! Yes, Everyone!

Topic: Training Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology: An International Review (JAN 2010) Article: Active/Exploratory training promotes transfer even in learners with low motivation and cognitive ability Authors: N. Keith, T. Richter, and J. Naumann Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger Exploratory training refers to an instructional strategy that allows trainees to explore

Active learning (Is this your first time, Doctor?)

Topic: Training Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (SEP 2009) Article: Active learning: When is more better? The case of resident physicians’ medical errors. Authors: T. Katz-Navon, E. Nevah, and Z. Stern Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger Active learning refers to a broad spectrum of training strategies in which individual trainees are

Cha Cha Cha Changes…in Selection and Training

Topic: Performance, Selection, Training Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (JUL 2009) Article: Effects of selection and training on unit-level performance over time: A latent growth modeling approach   Authors: C. H. Van Iddekinge, C. H. Ferris, P. L. Perrewe, A. A. Perryman, F. R. Blass, & T. D. Heetderks Blogger:

Do happy trainees = learned trainees?

Topic: Training Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (JUL 2009) Article: Power to the people: Using learner control to improve trainee reactions and learning in web-based instructional environments   Authors: K. A. Orvis, S. L. Fisher, & M. E. Wasserman Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger Recently, some have argued trainee satisfaction IS important

Recommendations from Ten Years of Research on Training

Topic: Training Publication: Annual Review of Psychology (JAN 2009) Article: Benefits of training and development for individuals and teams, organizations and society. Authors: H. Aquinas, K. Kraiger Reviewed by: Benjamin Granger In a recent article published in the Annual Review of Psychology, Aguinis and Kraiger (2009) present a review of research