Day: May 13, 2009

How to Make an Active Learning Intervention Effective

Topic: Training Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology Article:  Active learning: Effects of core training design elements on self-regulatory processes, learning, and adaptability. Blogger: Benjamin Granger Current thinking about how employees should be trained has changed dramatically.  Instead of trainees being passive recipients of information, organizations are now employing active learning elements into their training programs. In a recent JAP article, Bell and Kozlowski (2008) took a closer

Hope…and Improved Job Performance?

Topic: Job Performance Publication: Journal of Organizational Behavior Article: Exploring the role of hope in job performance: Results from four studies. Blogger: Benjamin Granger Yeah sure, hope isn’t as common a concept in organizational research as job satisfaction or commitment, but Peterson and Byron (2008) found that hope does indeed play a role

Any additional comments?

Topic: Employee Satisfaction, Surveys Publication: Organizational Research Methods Article: A Comment on Employee Surveys. Blogger: Rob Stilson This study focused on the empirical examination of qualitative data from employee surveys (e.g., open-ended questions). The data set was a climate survey administered to 661 employees at a large military organization, representing 23 different