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Is Bad Behavior from an Employee the Consequence of an Unfulfilled Organizational Promise?

Topic: Counter-Productive Work Behavior, Fairness, Trust, Workplace Deviance
Publication: Journal of Business and Psychology (WINTER 2010)
Article: Psychological contracts and counterproductive work behaviors: employee responses to transactional and relational breach
Authors: J.M. Jensen, R.A. Opland, and A.M. Ryan
Reviewed By: Allison B. Siminovsky

The Dissolution of Alliances: It’s Business, But It’s Also Social

Topic: Conflict, Trust
Publication: Academy of Management Journal
Article: Built to last but falling apart: Cohesion, friction, and withdrawl from interfirm alliances
Authors: H. R. Greve, J. A. C. Baum, H. Mitsuhashi, & T. J. Rowley
Reviewed By: Katie Bachman

Workplace Fairness: Crucial for Powerful Supervisors

Topic: Decision Making, Fairness, Trust
Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (May, 2010)
Article: The Role of Authority Power in Explaining Procedural Fairness Effects
Authors: M. van Dijke, D. De Cremer, D.M. Mayer
Reviewed By: Ben Sher

Gotta’ have faith

Topic: Leadership, Trust Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology Article:  Antecedents of coworker trust: Leaders’ blessings. Blogger: James Grand The workplace offers an excellent example wherein the competitive nature of limited resources, promotions and firings can easily promote a sense of “healthy” distrust. However, as work has become increasingly complex and tasks increasingly

C’mon, you can trust me!

Topic: Organizational Justice, Job Performance, Trust Publication: Journal of Management Article: The Relationship between being perceived as trustworthy and performance Blogger: Larry Martinez OK, so most of the research done on trustworthiness in the workplace has focused on whether or not you think that your coworkers and leaders are trustworthy and the