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Teamwork- How Team Personality Influences Individual Behaviors

Teamwork is often an unavoidable necessity in most workplaces, and crucial for productivity and competitiveness. A new study examines how team personality traits such as extroversion and agreeableness ultimately influenced individuals’ helping behaviors. Groups who ranked high on extroversion seemed to adopt cooperative norms, which influenced individual behaviors, whereas agreeableness seemed to impact only individual helping.

How Power Distance Agreement Improves Performance in the Workplace

Every leader has a different style, from unilateral to more democratic decision-making. But a new study suggests that, as long as supervisors and employees agree on the Power Distance (or disparity in control) between them, it can have positive benefits on workplace performance.

What’s Missing from the Research on Work-Family Balance?

Research shows that human resource management departments that allow employees more flexible options to support their work-family balance create an environment of superior job performance and lower turnover. So why are more and more employers turning away from family friendly policies? The article suggest that, in part, the fault lies with the type of research being done.

Employee Behavior and Wearable Monitoring Devices

From a manager with eyes in the back of her head to the efficiency expert studying the factory floor, we’ve spend decades trying to get a clear picture of how employees do what they do. Now highly sophisticated wearable monitoring devices are available to scrutinize employee behavior and generate a goldmine of data for analysis. The result? Big brother may be hiding in your shirt collar.

Raise employee engagement with volunteerism

More and more companies are implementing volunteer programs. So, what effect do company-sponsored volunteerism programs have on the employees who participate? Is a strong culture of volunteerism key to employee engagement? In this study, learn how a strong volunteer program is a win for the NGO, a win for the employee who volunteers, and a win for the company that sponsors volunteer programs.

Hold on tight: How to prevent choking under pressure

Topic: Performance Publication: Journal of Experimental Psychology: General (2012) Article: Preventing motor skill failure through hemisphere-specific priming: Cases from choking under pressure Authors: Jürgen Beckmann, Peter Gröpel, and Felix Ehrlenspiel Reviewed By: Scott Charles Sitrin, M.A. In 2012, soccer players Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo – two of the best in

Maximum vs. typical performance: Is there really a difference? (IO Psychology)

Topic: Performance Publication: Human Performance (NOV 2012) Article: The relationship between typical and maximum performance: A meta-analytic examination Authors: Beus, J.M., & Whitman, D. S. Reviewed by: Alexandra Rechlin Think about how hard you work when nobody is around. Now, think about how hard you work when your boss is