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Everybody Wins: The Power of Engagement in Promoting Work-Family Facilitation (IO Psychology)

Topic: Work-Life Balance, Engagement Publication: Human Relations (SEP 2012) Article: Work Engagement and Work-Family Facilitation: Making Homes Happier Through Positive Affective Spillover Authors: Satoris Culbertson, Maura Mills, & Clive Fullager Reviewed By: Thaddeus Rada For many years, researchers in IO psychology have focused on the negative outcomes, such as stress

My Boss Gives Me the Blues

Topic: Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Publication: Human Relations Article: Negative emotions in supervisory relationships: the role of relational models. Blogger: LitDigger If you feel negative emotions resulting from your relationship with your boss, a recent article by Game (2008) provides an interesting theoretical explanation. The author proposes that the employee’s attachment style has something to