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Comparing Modes of Customer Service Communication

Topic: Job Performance Publication: Computers in Human Behavior Article: Human communication in customer-agent-computer interaction: Face-to-face versus over telephone .Author: A. Kira, D.M. Nichols, M. Apperley Featured by: Benjamin Granger Regarding consumer service, organizations strive for several outcomes: 1) The customer receives quality service, 2) the service is delivered in a timely manner, and

Internet-based Data Collection: Just Do It Already!

Topic: Measurement, Statistics Publication: Computers in Human Behavior Article: From paper to pixels: A comparison of paper and computer formats in psychological assessment. Author: M.J. Naus, L.M. Phillipp, M.Samsi Featured by: Benjamin Granger Although many organizations have jumped onto the internet-data collection bandwagon, several issues still need to be addressed. For example, are paper-pencil and internet-based