Category: *Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology

Diversity in team training is helpful, but only to minorities (Human Resource Management)

Topic: Diversity Publication: Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology (SEP 2010) Article: Ethnic Diversity as a Multilevel Construct : The Combined Effects of Dissimilarity, Group Diversity, and Societal Status on Learning Performance in Work Groups Authors: Felix C. Brodbeck, Yves R. F. Guillaume and Nick J. Lee Reviewed By: Nupur Deshpande What

Are there cultural differences in the “Think Manager, Think Male” phenomenon?

Topic: Leadership, Gender, Culture
Publication: Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology
Article: Causal Attributions About Feminine and Leadership Roles: A Cross-Cultural Comparison
Authors: R. Garcia-Retamero and E. López-Zafra
Reviewed By: Samantha Paustian-Underdahl