Month: February 2011

Dealing With An Abusive Supervisor? Will Distributive Justice Help? Nopeā€¦It Will Make It Worse!!

Topics: Workplace Deviance
Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (NOV 2010)
Article: Self-Gain or Self-Regulation Impairment? Tests of Competing Explanations of the Supervisor Abuse and Employee Deviance Relationship Through Perceptions of Distributive Justice
Authors: Stefan Thau and Marie S. Mitchell
Reviewed by: Mary Alice Crowe-Taylor

Think Positive: Positive Leaders Emit Positive Results

Topic: Leadership
Publication: Personnel Psychology (63)
Article: An investigation of the relationships among leader and follower psychological capital, service climate, and job performance
Authors: F. O. Walumbwa, S. J., Peterson, B. J. Avolio, C. A. Hartnell
Reviewed By: Lauren Wood