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The Future of HR: Bringing Human Resources into the 21st Century

The words “Human Resources” conjure up images of paperwork for some, but true HR professionals understand the value of effective human resource management. The time is ripe for HR leaders to step up to the plate. A new article by Peter Cappelli provides must-read tips for anyone looking to take a company’s people processes to the next level.


Email Overload and the Harmful Effects of Telepressure

You sit down at your desk to start the workday and log in to your work email. “YOU’VE GOT (187 pieces of) MAIL!” You might just have email overload. Besides for being extremely annoying, you might feel pressured to quickly respond to all of these emails. This pressure now has a word: telepressure. Does telepressure make you more productive at work, or can it lead to harmful outcomes ultimately affecting an organization’s bottom line?

Love is in the Air… Recommendations for Managing Workplace Romances

Topic: Sexual Harassment, HR Policy Publication: Human Resource Management (MAY/JUN 2009) Article: Moving beyond a legal-centric approach to managing workplace romances: Organizationally sensible recommendations for HR leaders Authors: C.A. Pierce, H. Aquinis Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger Although work is not the most romantic of places, (“I just love the way