Category: Health & Safety

Your Lunchbox is Your Friend

Topic: Health & Safety Publication: Health Education & Behavior (APR 2009) Article: Factors Influencing Lunchtime Food Choices Among Working Americans Author: H.M. Blanck, A.L. Yaroch, A.A. Atienza, S.L. Yi, J. Zhang, L.C. Masse Reviewed by: Lit Digger Do you embrace your brown bag from home, or do you fork over the

Keeping it Safe for Daylight Saving Time

Topic: Health & Safety Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (SEP 2009) Article: Changing to Daylight Saving Time cuts into sleep and increases workplace injuries Authors: C.M. Barnes & D.T. Wagner Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger Although Daylight Saving Time was originally proposed to align the human sleep/wake cycle with the Earth’s rotation