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A New Weapon in the Fight Against Faking on Personality Tests (IO Psychology)

Topic: Faking, Personality, Selection Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology Article: Testing the efficacy of a new procedure for reducing faking on personality tests within selection contexts Authors: Fan, J. Gao., D., Carroll, S.A., Lopez, F.J., Tian, T.S., & Meng, H. Reviewer: Neil Morelli Has your organization ever used, or ever

What Makes a “Good Faker”? And Do We Want Them?

Topic: Faking, Personality Assessment Publication: Human PerformanceArticle: Individual differences in the ability to fake on personality measures. Author: P.H. Raymark, T.L. Tafero Featured by: Benjamin Granger One common criticism of personality testing is its susceptibility to faking. Faking (i.e., response distortion) occurs when job applicants intentionally misrepresent themselves (e.g., respond in ways that present themselves as more attractive