Month: August 2012

Dangerous Jobs: A Reason to Play Hooky? (IO Psychology)

Topic: Leadership, Culture, Health & Safety Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (JUL 2012) Article: Aversive workplace conditions and absenteeism: Taking referent group norms and supervisor support into account. Authors: M. Biron, P. Bamberger Reviewed By: Ben Sher Why do people play hooky from work? The stress-free paradise of a day

Discrimination in selection: Who’s most at risk? (IO Psychology)

Topic: Selection, Discrimination Publication: Journal of Organizational Behavior (MAY 2012) Article: Multiple categorization in resume screening: Examining effects on hiring discrimination against Arab applicants in field and lab settings Authors: Eva Derous, Ann Marie Ryan, & Hannah-Hanh D. Nguyen Reviewed by: Alexandra Rechlin You’re probably aware that discrimination can occur

Birds of a Feather: Studying Personality Similarity in Organizations and Occupations

Topic: Personality Publication: Journal of Business and Psychology (2012) Article: Homogeneity of Personality in Occupations and Organizations: A Comparison of Alternative Statistical Tests Authors: Bradley-Geist, J. C., and Landis, R. S. Reviewer: Neil Morelli You’ve probably heard the expression, “It takes a certain type of person to be a (fill