Month: May 2012

When It Comes to Employee Health, More than an ‘Apple a Day’ is Needed (IO Psychology)

 Topic: Health & Safety, Organizational Justice, Fairness, Burnout, Stress Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (2012) Article: Perceived Unfairness and Employee Health: A Meta-Analytic Integration Authors: Robbins, Jordan M.; Ford, Michael T.; Tetrick, Lois E. Reviewed By: Lauren A. Wood, M.S. Practitioners and employers alike have expressed concern around the effects

Want increased performance? Provide social support (IO Psychology)

Topic: Development Publication: Journal of Applied Sport Psychology (2009) Article: An Intervention to Increase Social Support and Improve Performance Authors: Paul Freeman, Tim Rees, and Lew Hardy Reviewed By: Scott Charles Sitrin, M.A. Can social support improve performance? According to Rees and Hardy, the four types of social support are