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Can we Predict Lenient Performance Raters with Personality?

Topic: Performance Appraisals, Personality Publication: International Journal of Selection and Assessment (SEP 2009) Article: Rating level and accuracy as a function of rater personality Author: H.J. Bernardin, C.L. Tyler, & P. Villanova Reviewed by: Benjamin Granger Believe it or not, one of the common problems with performance appraisal ratings is

What’s Plaguing E-learning?

Topic: Training Publication: International Journal of Training and Development Article: Electronic human resource management: Organizational responses to role conflicts created by e-learning. Author: E. Oiry Featured by: Benjamin Granger Originally, e-learning (which includes web-based or computer-based training) was introduced to overcome certain disadvantages of traditional face-to-face training programs such as securing a physical training cite, paying a trainer, etc. While an effective method

If You’re Thinking of Quitting, Just Do It!

Topic: Turnover, Wellness Publication: Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology Article: Job mobility as predictor of health and burnout. Author: L. Liljegrin & K. Ekberg Featured by: Benjamin Granger Do all employees who think about quitting or transferring, actually leave? Probably not! So, what happens to employees that want to quit but don’t? To address these issues, Liljegrin and Ekberg (2009) conducted a study aimed at investigating whether intentions to leave (external mobility) or

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Using the Pen to “Right” Organizational Wrongs

Topic: Organizational Justice Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology Article: Healing the wounds of organizational injustice: Examining the benefits of expressive writing. Author: L.J. Barclay, D.P. Skarlik iFeatured by: Benjamin Granger When employees experience injustice in the workplace (e.g., unfair interpersonal treatment, unfair policies and procedures, unfair outcomes), they often experience negative emotions and engage in deviant

It’s what’s on the outside that counts – but only initially.

Topic: Assessment, Personality Publication: International Journal of Selection and Assessment Article: Ability and personality predictors of salary, perceived job success, and perceived career success in the initial career stage. Author: J.C. Rode, M.L. Arthaud-Day, C.H. Mooney, J.P. Near, T.T. Baldwin Featured by: LitDigger Hey there, newbie. First day on the job? If I asked you if

Who Makes the Most out of Mentoring?

Topic: Mentoring, Personality Publication:  Journal of Vocational BehaviorArticle: The role of personality in relationship closeness,developer assistance, and career success. Blogger: Benjamin Granger Not surprisingly, employees who develop strong ties with their mentors tend to gain more job knowledge, have greater access to important information, and gain more overall career assistance. Sounds simple right? Unfortunately, it’s not!

Behavioral Targeting…Yuck!

Topic: Organizational Justice Publication: Business Week Article: Interactional justice: Communication criteria of fairness. Blogger: James Grand Business Week (September 8, 2008) reported that campaign managers from the McCain and Obama camps used a new advertising technique conspicuously termed “behavioral targeting” (how did that make it through PR?) in order to reach specific demographic sectors of the voting