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What Makes for an Effective Executive Coach?

Executive coaching can turn a good employee into a great manager. When it works well, the added value of improved leadership and decision-making abilities is well worth the financial investment required to hire skilled coaches. However, no one wants to spend time and money on a coaching relationship that doesn’t get results. So, what makes an executive coaching relationship work?

IO Psychology – Talking about my generation: Exploration of the impact of generation on motivation

In the present study, the authors investigated whether generations differ in level of work motivation, as well as whether differences in work motivation are better explained by managerial level than by generation. Results indicate that managerial level better explains work motivation than does generation. Although the generations did differ in work motivation…

Possible intervention to reduce employee absenteeism (Human Resource Management)

Topic: Burnout Publication: Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research (2011) Article: EAP utilization patterns and employee absenteeism: Results of an empirical, 3-year longitudinal study in a National Canadian Retail Corporation Authors: Ashley Spetch, Alex Howland, and Rodney L. Lowman Reviewed By: Scott Charles Sitrin, M.A. If time is money, how