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Self-Starting Research on a Test of Personal Initiative

Topic: Research Methodology Publication: Personnel Psychology (SUMMER 2009) Article: A situational judgment test of personal initiative and its relationship to performance. Author: R. Bledow, M. Freese Reviewed By: Katie Bachman Predicting performance is the Holy Grail of Industrial/Organizational Psychology. I hate to whine, but how can we possibly measure performance when those

Friends don’t let friends use unsubstantiated selection and development methods

Topic: Assessment, Research Methodology Publication: International Journal of Selection and Assessment Article: HR professionals’ beliefs about, and knowledge of, assessment techniques and psychometric tests. Blogger: Rob Stilson Some academics slave over piles of data and spend months of their lives trying to determine the best selection and development methods available for the work place. Makes you wonder; is anybody paying attention? If your life’s work involves developing the absolute, most

Is interrater correlation really a proper measurement of reliability?

Topic: Measurement, Research Methodology, Statistics Publication: Human Performance Article: Exploring the relationship between interrater correlations and validity of peer ratings Blogger: Rob Stilson Interrater reliability (still with me?, Ok good) is often used as the main reliability estimate for the correction of validity coefficients when the criterion is job performance. Issues arise with this practice when one considers that the errors present between raters may not

It’s the Simple Things in Life…Understanding the Grounded Theory Method in Management Research

Topic: Research Methodology Publication: Organizational Research Methods Article: Grounded Theory Method in management research: Users’ perspectives. Blogger: James Grand Qualitative research is the “art” of taking real-time narratives or observations of human behavior/cognitions and systematically analyzing them for themes, theories and indicators of what is occurring in a given situation.  In truth, such data is collected all the time in organizations.