Month: July 2012

A Crash Course in Adopting New Technology—It’s All About The Bandwagon

Topic: Business Strategy, Off the Wall Publication: Journal of Management Article: Closing the Technology Adoption–Use Divide: The Role of Contiguous User Bandwagon Authors: G. Lanzolla & F. F. Suarez Reviewed By: Katie Bachman Did you ever buy something that was really expensive, but you could sort of justify the purchase

Unproctored Testing: Increasing the Applicant Pool to Combat Concerns with Cheating (IO Psychology)

Topic: Selection, Evidence Based Management, Assessment Publication: International Journal of Selection and Assessment (JUN 2012) Article: Offsetting Performance Losses Due to Cheating in Unproctored Internet-Based Testing by Increasing the Applicant Pool Authors: Richard N. Landers & Paul R. Sackett Reviewed By: Thaddeus Rada Unproctored Internet testing (UIT) has been a

Online survey invitations and perceived anonymity (IO Psychology)

Topic: Surveys Publication: Journal of Business and Psychology (in press) Article: Effects of personalized versus generic implementation of an intra-organizational online survey on psychological anonymity and response behavior: A field experiment Authors: Karsten Mueller, Tammo Straatmann, Kate Hattrup, & Marco Jochum Reviewed by: Alexandra Rechlin Survey research, specifically online survey

The Power of Imagination – A Study in Career Trajectories (IO Psychology)

Topic: Motivation Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (2012) Article: Future Work Selves: How Salient Hoped-For Identities Motivate Proactive Career Behaviors Authors: Karoline Strauss, Mark A. Griffin, Sharon K. Parker Reviewed By: Lauren A. Wood, M.S. In the recent past, organizations were primarily responsible for managing their employees’ career trajectories. However,

A Sequel to the Ring of Fire: How Internal and External Candidates React to Employment Testing (I/O Psychology)

Topic: Assessment, Personality Assessment, Selection Publication: International Journal of Selection and Assessment (JUN 2012) Article: Don’t you know me well enough yet? Comparing reactions of internal and external candidates to employment testing Authors: G. W. Giumetti and E. F. Sinar Reviewed By: Megan Leasher Employment testing is gaining in popularity

Integrity Tests May Have Lower Performance Validity (IO Psychology)

Topic: Selection, Measurement Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology Article: The Criterion-Related Validity of Integrity Tests: An Updated Meta-Analysis Authors: Van Iddekinge, C.H., Roth, P.L., Raymark, P.H., & Odle-Dusseau, H.N. Reviewer: Neil Morelli According to a recent meta-analysis by Van Iddekinge and colleagues, integrity tests may not be as predictive of

How to Make the Grade

Topic: Selection Publication: Medical Education (2011) Article: Do study strategies predict academic performance in medical school? Authors: C. West & M. Sadoski Reviewed By: Scott Charles Sitrin, M.A. What predicts the academic performance of graduate students? The options are: previous experience as measured by grade point average (GPA), aptitude as

Score one for the small town!

Topic: Selection Publication: Journal of Applied Sport Psychology (2009) Article: Place but not date of birth influences the development and emergence of athletic talent in American football Authors: D. MacDonald, M. Cheung, J. Côté, & B. Abernethy Reviewed By: Scott Charles Sitrin, M.A. In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell (2008) contends that