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Probing the Mind of an Interviewer

Topic: Assessment, Interviewing Publication: Journal of Occupational & Organizational Psychology Article: Fit perceptions in the employment interview: The role of similarity, liking, and expectations. Blogger: Benjamin Granger To better understand how interviewers make hiring decisions, Garcia, Posthuma, and Colella (2008) present a study published in a recent issue of the Journal

Interviewing: When to hold ’em…When to fold ’em

Topic: Assesment, Interviewing Publication: Human Performance (2008) Article: Transparency in structured interviews: consequences for construct and criterion-related validity Authors:  U. C. Klehe, C. J. König, G. M. Richter, M. Kleinmann, & K. G. Melchers Reviewed by: Benjamin Granger While holding your cards close to the vest may be key for your next game of