Day: May 6, 2009

Don’t know what “it” is…but they’ve got it

Topic: Leadership, Motivation Publication: The Leadership Quarterly Article: Speech imagery and perceptions of charisma: The mediating role of positive affect Blogger: James Grand The qualities that define charismatic leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Henry Ford, and Winston Churchill have intrigued organizational scholars for years. Research such as that

Probing the Mind of an Interviewer

Topic: Assessment, Interviewing Publication: Journal of Occupational & Organizational Psychology Article: Fit perceptions in the employment interview: The role of similarity, liking, and expectations. Blogger: Benjamin Granger To better understand how interviewers make hiring decisions, Garcia, Posthuma, and Colella (2008) present a study published in a recent issue of the Journal

A Closer Look at the Role of Work Centrality in Work-Family Conflict

Topic: Work-Life Balance Publication: Journal of Management (2008) Article: The moderating effect of work-family centrality on work family conflict, organizational attitudes, and turnover behavior. Blogger: Benjamin Granger Ever miss a child’s ball game for work? The conflict between an employee’s work role and family role is known as work-family conflict (WFC). When work

Before You Give Me A Hand, Be Sure I Need It

Topic: Teams Publication: The Journal of Applied Psychology (2008) Article: Harmful help: the costs of backing-up behavior in teams. Blogger: Rob Stilson Warning! The findings of this study have the potential to blow your mind if you follow research on teams. OK, maybe not “The Matrix blow your mind,” but I

Job Satisfaction and Voluntary Turnover

Topic: Turnover Publication: Academy of Management (2008) Article: Understanding Voluntary Turnover: Path-Specific Job Satisfaction Effects and the Importance of Unsolicited Job Offers’. Blogger: LitDigger Do you buy in to the notion that employee turnover is most affected by job satisfaction and current unemployment rates?  If so, you are in good academic company,

Predicting Burnout

Topic: Burnout, Turnover Publication: The Journal of Applied Psychology (2008) Article: Early predictors of job burnout and engagement. Blogger: Larry Martinez Burnout refers to a sense of just being ‘over’ one’s job, as in, “I don’t want to do this anymore, I’m burned out.”  This is a problem for organizations and

Fairness Is In The Eye of The Beholder

Topic: Organizational Justice Publication: The Journal of Applied Psychology (2008) Article: Event justice perceptions and employees’ reactions: Perceptions of social entity justice as a moderator. Author: J. Choi Reviewed by: Katie O’Brien In a land of milk and honey, the copier would never break, we’d never have to work weekends, and