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Breaking the Mold: How Challenging Gender Stereotypes Reduces Bias

It’s a well-known fact that gender stereotyping has historically played a role in organizational leadership selection. But a new study suggests that job candidates who do not fit the stereotypical mold are viewed more objectively, resulting in more fair decisions during the selection process. The research suggests that exposure to those that break the stereotypical mold can also provide inspiration for other women.

Leadership and Overconfidence (I/O Psychology)

Topic: Leadership Publication: The Leadership Quarterly (AUG 2011) Article: When confidence is detrimental: Influence of overconfidence on leadership effectiveness Authors: Shipman, A. S., & Mumford, M. D. Reviewed by: Alexandra Rechlin It is widely acknowledged within IO psychology that leaders should be confident, but can they be overconfident? And how

Leadership and the “dark side” of personality

The Predictive Power of Grit: How to Select Successful People Topic: Leadership, Personality Publication: The Leadership Quarterly (JUN 2011) Article: Leader development and the dark side of personality Authors: Harms, P. D., Spain, S. M., & Hannah, S. T. Reviewed by: Alexandra Rechlin Recent research suggests that some positive personality

Want CEO Success? Then Focus on Task and Performance

Topic: Leadership, Organizational Performance
Publication: The Leadership Quarterly (FEB 2011)
Article: CEO leadership behaviors, organizational performance, and employee’s attitudes
Authors: Hui Wang, Anne S. Tsui, & Katherine R. Xin
Reviewed by: Chelsea Rowe