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Want CEO Success? Then Focus on Task and Performance

Topic: Leadership, Organizational Performance
Publication: The Leadership Quarterly (FEB 2011)
Article: CEO leadership behaviors, organizational performance, and employee’s attitudes
Authors: Hui Wang, Anne S. Tsui, & Katherine R. Xin
Reviewed by: Chelsea Rowe

Do You Feel Like I Do?

Topic: Leadership, Job Performance Publication: The Leadership Quarterly (OCT 2009) Article: Do you feel what I feel? Mood contagion and leadership outcomes Authors: S.K. Johnson Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger Everyone wakes up on the wrong side of the bed from time-to-time – and leaders are certainly no exception. As a

Virtual Leadership ≠ Face-to-face Leadership

Topic: Leadership Publication: Leadership Quarterly (JUN 2009) Article: Transformational leadership in context: Face-to-face and virtual teams Author: R.K. Purvanova, J.E. Bono Reviewed by: Benjamin Granger Due to recent technological advancements, virtual teams (team members working together from different geographical locations using electronic communication media) have become very common in many organizations. Despite their many advantages,

Don’t know what “it” is…but they’ve got it

Topic: Leadership, Motivation Publication: The Leadership Quarterly Article: Speech imagery and perceptions of charisma: The mediating role of positive affect Blogger: James Grand The qualities that define charismatic leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Henry Ford, and Winston Churchill have intrigued organizational scholars for years. Research such as that