Day: June 18, 2009

We take two steps forward and two steps back?

Topic: Diversity Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology Article: Is the Gap More Than Gender? A Longitudinal Analysis of Gender, Gender Role Orientation, and Earnings. Author: T.A. Judge, B.A. Livingston Featured by: Rob Stilson The purpose of this study was to look at gender, gender role orientation, and earnings.  Participants for this study have

What to do about the Failure-Focused Employee

Topic: Job Performance, Motivation Publication: Human Performance Article: Failure avoidance motivation in a goal-setting situation. Author: S.R. Heimerdinger, V.B. Hinsz Featured by: Benjamin Granger Although it is known that employees who set specific and difficult goals tend to outperform those who set broad and relatively easy goals, different employees have differing motivational mindsets when they set their goals. Some employees are motivated to

Bringing Back the Cynics!

Topic: Change Management, Job Attitudes Publication: Human Resource Management Article: Organizational change cynicism: the role of employee involvement. Author: M. Brown, C. Cregan Featured by: Benjamin Granger Organizational cynicism involves a negative attitude on the part of an employee toward his/her  organization. It’s the belief or feeling that one’s organization has sacrificed the basic principles of honesty and fairness to further the self-interest

It’s what’s on the outside that counts – but only initially.

Topic: Assessment, Personality Publication: International Journal of Selection and Assessment Article: Ability and personality predictors of salary, perceived job success, and perceived career success in the initial career stage. Author: J.C. Rode, M.L. Arthaud-Day, C.H. Mooney, J.P. Near, T.T. Baldwin Featured by: LitDigger Hey there, newbie. First day on the job? If I asked you if