Category: Diversity

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: A Measure of Race and Gender. A Measure of Performance? Not So Much

Topic: Fairness, Diversity, Performance Appraisal
Publication: Academy of Management Journal
Article: An examination of whether and how racial and gender biases influence customer satisfaction
Authors: D. R. Hekman, K. Aquino, B. P. Owens, T. R. Mitchell, P. Schilpzand, & K. Leavitt
Reviewed By: Katie Bachman

Should Organizations Implement LGBT-Supportive Policies?

Topic: Diversity
Publication: Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice (MAR 2010)
Article: The Social and Economic Imperative of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered
Supportive Organizational Policies
Authors: M.B. King & J.M. Cortina
Selected commentary authors: Zickar, M.J. and Locke, E.
Reviewed By: Samantha Paustian-Underdahl

Why Women Make the Team…but Leave

Topic: Diversity, Turnover Publication: Journal of Business Research (NOV 2009) Article: What causes turnover among women on top management teams? Authors: H.A. Krishnan Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger Although women are underrepresented in upper management, the gender diversity of Top Management Teams (TMTs) is steadily increasing. In fact, research suggests that the

Employee Testimonials on Recruitment Websites: Yea or Nay?

Topic: Diversity, Recruiting Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology (SEP 2009) Article: Displaying employee testimonials on recruitment websites: Effects of communication media, employee race, and job seeker race on organizational attraction and information credibility Authors: H.J. Walker, H.S. Field, W.F. Giles, A.A. Armenakis, & J.B. Bernerth Reviewed By: Benjamin Granger Employee

Ingredients for a Workplace Diversity Gumbo

Topic: Diversity Publication: The International Journal of Human Resource Management Article: The challenge of increasing minority-group professional representation in the United States Author: E.H. Buttner, K.B. Lowe, L. Billings-Harris Featured By: Benjamin Granger Despite the heavy focus on diversity, women and racial minorities are still under-represented in a number of professions requiring advanced degrees (e.g., attorneys, accountants, and university professors are more likely to be white men). For this reason, Buttner and colleagues (2009) surveyed 143 business school deans in the

Wanted: Company that is Well-Endowed, Reputable, and Ethical

Topic: Diversity, Recruiting, Staffing Publication: Journal of Business Ethics Article: Social desirability response bias, gender, and factors influencing organizational commitment: An international study. Author: R.A. Bernardi, S.T. Guptill Featured by: Lit Digger Given today’s economy, job openings are drying up. However, for those companies that DO have open positions to fill, recruiters may still find it valuable to emphasize

We take two steps forward and two steps back?

Topic: Diversity Publication: Journal of Applied Psychology Article: Is the Gap More Than Gender? A Longitudinal Analysis of Gender, Gender Role Orientation, and Earnings. Author: T.A. Judge, B.A. Livingston Featured by: Rob Stilson The purpose of this study was to look at gender, gender role orientation, and earnings.  Participants for this study have


Topic: Diversity Publication: Journal of Business Ethics Article: Are men always picked over women. The effects of employment equity directives on selection decisions. Blogger: LitDigger OK.  Touchy subject time.  Ever thought about the influence of the company’s employment equity directives?  Research by Ng and Wiesner (2007) shows that such directives may matter – especially if you’re a female applicant. Who dislikes employment equity directives?  Is this because you are in the majority group (ah hem,