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Wanted: Company that is Well-Endowed, Reputable, and Ethical

Topic: Diversity, Recruiting, Staffing Publication: Journal of Business Ethics Article: Social desirability response bias, gender, and factors influencing organizational commitment: An international study. Author: R.A. Bernardi, S.T. Guptill Featured by: Lit Digger Given today’s economy, job openings are drying up. However, for those companies that DO have open positions to fill, recruiters may still find it valuable to emphasize

Doing what Simon Says Regarding Safety

Topic: Stress, Wellness, Work Environments Publication: Journal of Business Ethics Article: Ethical climates and workplace safety behaviors: an empirical investigation. Blogger: LitDigger How do you know that you won’t trip on the telephone cord your coworker has stretched across the entryway of your cubicle?  You don’t (until the inevitable happens).  How do you know whether or not workplace safety behaviors are actually practiced in your organization?  A study


Topic: Diversity Publication: Journal of Business Ethics Article: Are men always picked over women. The effects of employment equity directives on selection decisions. Blogger: LitDigger OK.  Touchy subject time.  Ever thought about the influence of the company’s employment equity directives?  Research by Ng and Wiesner (2007) shows that such directives may matter – especially if you’re a female applicant. Who dislikes employment equity directives?  Is this because you are in the majority group (ah hem,